Red John Pumped Storage Hydro Scheme




LA variety of other technical assessments will also be provided in the EIA Report.

A forestry assessment will be conducted to develop a forestry plan for the pumped storage scheme. The forestry plan will look at felling, restocking and for compensation planting so that there is no net loss in forest cover from the pumped storage scheme.

A cultural heritage assessment will look at both the designated and non-designated heritage assets in the area. Effects on heritage setting will be considered along with direct impacts on assets themselves. The assessment will be informed by national and local heritage records and also on site surveys.

Ground Conditions and Geology
A geological and ground condition assessment will be conducted to look at the soils, solid geography and the hydrogeological conditions and groundwater resources. The design of the pumped storage scheme will be informed by peat surveys and ground investigations that will help to site and route the scheme elements. 

Materials Management
Indicative calculations of the material generated by the construction of the pumped storage scheme will be produced via the engineering design. These calculations will also show the volume and type of material generated and then utilised by the construction of the pumped storage scheme, specifically the headpond and other structures. A Waste Management or Materials Management Plan will be prepared and submitted with the EIA Report.

Construction Environment Management Plan (CEMP)
Construction of the pumped storage scheme will be conducted in accordance with a CEMP that will describe the management arrangements for the construction site and acts as a vehicle for transferring the construction mitigation identified within the EIA Report into practice. The CEMP is a crucial document during the construction phase and any mitigation identified in the CEMP must be complied with as a condition of the Section 36 consent. It will also detail the procedures for complaints and any environmental incidents.




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