Red John Pumped Storage Hydro Scheme




Loch Ness is a popular tourist destination and the area is renowned for its beauty and tranquillity. There is a range of visitor accommodation in the area around Dores, as well as recreational and sporting pursuits and visitor attractions. The area is connected into a wide network of footpaths and trails that are used for a variety of outdoor activities. There are also a number of local and regional events that are located around or that pass through Dores.

We want to maintain the appeal of the area while also delivering clean energy for Scotland and the UK. Our aim is that the pumped storage scheme will deliver additional local economic benefit, local jobs and opportunities. This includes proposed partnerships with local educational bodies and initiatives to provide apprenticeship opportunities, enabling local young people to gain new skills and experience.


We also want to maintain access during construction around the pumped storage scheme while safeguarding public safety. This may mean closing or diverting local routes and trails at times during peak construction or critical path activities.

Any closures and diversions will be temporary and all routes will be reinstated post-construction to an equivalent or greater standard for those routes affected and the wider network where possible. These details will be provided in the EIA Report.

You can help with the recreation and tourism assessment by letting us know how you use the local area. Let us know which routes and trails you use and what activities you participate in. If you own a local business let us know about it. Get in touch by speaking to one of our representatives at the public exhibition, filling out a questionnaire, or emailing us at


Your comments will help us assess how the pumped storage scheme could affect recreation and tourism, and help us to minimise any adverse effects and enhance the benefits.


Recreational routes within study area



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